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Drunken Doctor – Terri Ann Noe

Terri Noe M.D.

  • 2 abortions
  • 2 divorces
  • 1 drunk driving conviction with an accident 🥴

Do you really want to trust your health (or a loved one’s) to this type of so-called healer?

The video below is an awesome display of buffoonery during the DUI arrest of Dr. Terri Ann Noe of Florida. #onlyinflorida

It goes to show… you should NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE! If for no other reason, you don’t want your arrest video ending up on YouTube! Drunk people are stupid. Here’s the proof:


Drunken Doctor Terri Noe - DUI Arrest Video

Wow. This is embarrassing stuff right here. I might not ever show my face in public again if I were this person!

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